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Hotmail and Gmail are under attack !!!!

CAPTCHA is a technique test of mail server that shown the user is human or software or machine , for protecting mail server against of dictionary attack and brute force!

THE REGISTER informs that spammers could be able to access these CAPTCHA and with this method they solve the first part of their attack. In the another report of securitylabs.websense.com another security company informed that Black hats hacked Hotmail CAPTCHA . It seems to be serious problem , take care about spams very much "Do not Open messeges with doubtful topics like VIAGRA ,SEX ,etc" .
Archive :
UK banks lost more than 300 billion pound in first half of 2008!
THE REGISTER informs most of these hackers use fake plastic card and stolen pin in some machine that they dont check card , these machines check pin and magnetic on the card ! with these methods Black hats gain more than 120 billion pounds . THE REGISTER infroms these event based on APACS ( the UK payment association ) .
They also reports that hackers use Phishing or Spy software to earn more and more . They are anxious about 20000 fake website ( PHISHING ) in the UK or outside .SANDRA QUEEN ( IT management of APACS ) told that they 've found a method for training users called "Be Card Smart Online " to be more safe and secure !


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