Best way to Pass 70-620

Most of the students pass with 950 or more, Be careful of simulation tests!!!


Hopefuly that would be informative for u!!


vista_student said...

special thanks to you..

vista_student said...

inja chera hame english soal miporsan? nemishe man be zabane shirine madari szatoon beporsam chera in baz nemikone?

vista_student said...

man downloadesh kardam vali vaghti miam baz konam moshti kharchang ghoorbaghe neshoonam mide faghat!

Anonymous said...

اینجا آخر خط عزیزم
باید سوار ماشین دیگه ای بشی اگه می خوای زودتر به مرادت برسی زبان مادری رو در جای خودش استفاده کن چون ما همگی عاشقشیم ولی اینجا داستان دیگه ای برات نوشته شده
ok my dear
then don't worry and never forget this issue here!
we must learn this language for own the best future...

Mahdi said...

i straight from the horse mouth that these are the last & most profitable source.



good luck

Anonymous said...

Dear all u should install VCE in
this case:


Mahdi said...

Some Other Dump Specially For simulations...


Good Luck

Anonymous said...

all friend attend me plz!
in this url you can find almost whole of windows keyboard shortcut.
i hope that it be informative,
then enjoy it plzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...


Navid said...

salam 2ta soal dashtam
1.to netsh int ip mizanam set add "Local Area Connection" stat 1 error the requested operation requires elevation mide
2.solarwinds inistall kardam serial number mikhad

Anonymous said...


1- login with administratorand then try again

2- provide full information detail about it! like version, name....

Anonymous said...