Veritas Symantec Netbackup

New Features

As the established market leader in data protection, Veritas NetBackup provides unparalleled data protection for enterprise environments.
Next Generation Data Protection
Minimize the cost and complexity of data protection and ensure greater business continuity by implementing a solution that unifies desktop, remote office, and data center data protection across the entire enterprise. NetBackup centralizes the management and operations of backup and recovery and provides organizations with the tools and information they need to manage data in complex, heterogeneous environments.
Unlock the Power of Disk-Based Backup
Manage more data with fewer people with advanced protection for VMWare environments, email applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and large databases

* Leverage disk to make backup faster, more reliable, and more secure
– Any type: DAS, NAS, SAN, VTL, snapshots/replicas, OpenStorage
– Any location: core data center, remote office, vault site
* Integrated data deduplication with any storage
* Eliminate the backup window with continuous protection

Advanced Recovery for Critical Applications
Recovery of critical applications and databases requires more steps and precision. Fast recovery may require not just the data, but also new servers and applications. NetBackup enables recovery of data, servers, and applications through one console. Its agents use vendor-approved APIs to ensure a consistent backup and recovery process and customers can choose different types of backup methods such as host, array-based, or off-host snapshots and different levels of granularity for data recovery.

* Granular recovery for VMware, SharePoint Portal Server and Exchange
* Rapid recovery with heterogeneous snapshot management
* Core system recovery in 15 minutes on any platform

Simplify Management
NetBackup simplifies data protection by allowing customers to control the lifecycle of backup data across different storage tiers that include both disk and tape. Customers can gain control over the backup methods, target media, and recovery process which allows them to prioritize the allocation of resources based on the importance of data. Finally, NetBackup can simplify backup infrastructure management by automating dery of application and client updates with Update technology.

* Streamline protection and retention with storage lifecycle policies
* Granular operational management across the environment
* Automate updates with NetBackup Update

Improved Pricing & Licensing
Symantec simplified the pricing and licensing of NetBackup to provide customers with more value and flexibility. Symantec now offers customers the ability to manage NetBackup software in their environment based upon capacity, or on a per-server basis. The capacity approach simplifies access to the full set of data protection methods in NetBackup and allows customers to more easily align protection and recovery methods with internal policies or service-level agreements.

* Choose traditional component based or the new capacity based licensing method
* Simplified pricing structure combines dozens of previously separate client, option, and agent licenses into three easy-to-order options
* Entitles existing NetBackup customers to bare-metal re or client-based encryption features (previously licensable options) at no additional fee
* Switch database and application agents for one another at any time (e.g., switch a SQL database agent for an Oracle database agent)

Platform and Application Proliferation
Symantec allows customers to run NetBackup master and media servers on a wide array of operating systems and can protect a wide array of servers (clients). With each release Symantec adds support for new chip and operating system combinations. Please see the compatability lists for NetBackup on the Symantec support site. Highlights of new support include:

* Support for Exchange 2007
* Master / Media Server support for Sun Solaris 10 on Opteron (x64)



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