Careful these are just some of the Spy hidden ipcamera !

Smoke detector downward facing CMOS hidden wireless camera
Price: £179.00
This smoke detector enclosure conceals a downward pointing miniature CMOS camera specially designed for locating over a till, desk or kiosk window.It provides a means of monitoring a precise location were money, tickets, or goods are being sold, sorted or checked.The camera focus has been set to 2m which is just about right for most situations of this nature.Can be powered by a lithium PP3 battery or should you prefer a more permanent installation a mains power unit is included.

Red Stiletto land line CMOS hidden wireless telephone spy camera

Price: £159.00
There are not many telephones that stand up like this one does and if it does it's job and provides the evidence you need don't be a bit surprised to find it whizzing past your head when your partner finds out how you did it.

Roberts CRD-26 DAB Radio with high resolution low lux Wireless CCD hidden camera
Price: £359.00
Top of the range Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) Radio receiver with the finest CCD miniture spy camera we can lay our hands on.The camera is cleverly hidden behind the clear plastic front cover making it impossible to detect yet not restricting the low light performance of this superb CCD camera.

Matsui clock radio iPod docking wireless CMOS camera

Price: £199.00

Keep a parental eye on teenage behaviour with this iPod docking station with its built in CMOS wireless camera. Comes complete with iPod adaptors so it can not only charge an iPod's battery but it will also power the iPod while playing back the music via it's sterio speakers. Also receives FM radio broadcasts.The unit is normally mains powered but can be operated on batteries when no mains power is available as can the CMOS camera.

My Word : Spy gadget could be anywhere at your home of office , Clock , TV , Radio , Mirror , Bathroom , Toilet Even on your Shower Gel . I know sometimes it seems to be dream but these technology now are expired çaz all of these cameras just could be covered in 2.4 Ghz ferequency and by this it means just limited coverage could be achieved . So Guys i just let you know how to discover these spy gadget from all of your facilities . Be safe !

Source : http://www.microspy.com/


Anonymous said...

WoW ! These tools were awesome!! I really become intresting in ipcameras ! I am going to research about them! I will let you know about that ;)

Anyway...sometimes you really feel you don't have any privacy anymore!!!

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell ! on showergel ?