Sun BlackBoX Amazing DataCenter

One Project Blackbox could provide 7 Terabytes of Memory and also One Project Blackbox could host a configuration that would put it among the top 200 fastest supercomputers globally.

Do you know what Makes it Unique?

-Deployable in 1/10th the time it takes to design, build and deploy a traditional datacentre.A fully configured (and configurable) virtualized datacentre housed in a standard 20' shipping container.Ability to configure mix of servers, storage, software and networking, including Solaris, Sun Fire and x64 systems.Packs more racks tighter than possible in a traditional datacentre.3 times the computing power for equivalent space.Integrated and centralized state-of-the-art cooling, networking and power distribution.Fans and Water-cooled Heat Exchanger provide in-circuit, energy-efficient water cooling that is 20% more efficient.Simple external hookup: chilled water, AC power, networking.Integrated de-humidifier, sensors, alarms, GPS.Floor and ceiling shock absorption system and Top Lock Pin protect installed servers for easier transport using standard shipping methods.Front and rear doors, central service aisle and slide mechanism for maintenance.Single end-to-end solution ownership, service and support.Ability to relocate compute assets near low-power sources to save up to $350,000/year on power costs!

Several patents are pending on Project Blackbox, from the general system and installed rack designs, to various aspects of the highly efficient cooling systems, including its environmental monitoring system that combine to deliver breakthrough economics and energy efficiency.

Tanx from Setareh !

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