Part One : Footprinting

Introduction :
Footprinting is the first and most convenient way that hackers use to gather information about computer systems and the companies they belong to. The purpose of footprinting is to learn as much as you can about a system, its remote access capabilities, its ports and services, and the aspects of its security. Footprinting begins by determining the location and objective of an intrusion. Once this is known, specific information about the organization is gathered using non-intrusive methods. For example, the organization's own Web page may provide a personnel directory or employee bios, which may prove useful if the hacker needs to use social engineering to reach the objective. Conducting a whois query on the Web provides the domain names and associated networks related to a specific organization.
Other information obtained may include learning the Internet technologies being used; the operating system and hardware being used; IP addresses; e-mail addresses and phone numbers; and policies and procedures.
MoSt powerful footprinting sofware
e-Mail Tracking.exe , NeoTracePro.exe , Sam Spade.exe , Smart Whois , Visual Lookout.exe , Visual Profile.exe ,Visual Pulse.exe ,Visual Response.exe ,Visual Route.exe also Googling and some other website http://whois.ws/ , http://arin.net/ , http://whois.sc/

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